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Mario makes his way onto the slopes

3D Mario Snowboard Images
3D Mario Snowboard Images
Paul Iuzzolino

Introduction on Game: The character of Mario is most famous for saving Peach from the evil Boswer; now Mario has stepped out of the castle and onto the ski slopes. In 3D Mario Snowboard, players play as the character of Mario and slide down the slope, collecting rings and mushrooms for extra points.

3D Mario Snowboard Logo
Paul Iuzzolino

Gameplay: After you click on the click to start button, Mario starts sliding down the slope. Obstacles start to appear in your way, such as trees, blocks, rocks, and plants. You have to slide from left to right to avoid these obstacles. Ramps, mushrooms, and flags also appear on the slope, allowing you to gain extra points. The blocks and plants resemble the enemies from Super Mario 64, and are very authentic to the Mario franchise. Also, as you play each level, you have a board on the right side of the screen that acts as your health. As you hit obstacles, the color on the board starts to go down; once the color depletes all the way down, your game is over. An arrow with a vertical line is displayed on the screen; as Mario moves down the slope, the arrow will move up the line.

Graphics: All the trees, rocks, and plants look real, and stand out against the white background. The blocks and plants look just like other blocks and plants from previous Mario games. Mario himself looks cool and stylish on the board.

Controls: To control Mario and the board, all you do is move the mouse left and right. If you move the mouse forward, Mario will go faster; moving the mouse backwards will cause Mario to slow down. Also you could swing the mouse fast to avoid a lot of obstacles.

Game Mechanics: Mario's board rides well, and goes smoothly along with the mouse movement

The character of Mario really shines in 3D Mario Snowboard. I like how the game is so simple, and there is not a lot of controls to confuse players. Also the HUD is nicely displayed on the right side of the screen, allowing the player to easily see where Mario is going. The obstacles are placed in great locations, and increase at a good pace as you move up the levels. The authenticity is right to the tee with the blocks and plants. The sound effects sound just like other Mario games, with Mario saying “Oh yeah,” as he hits the ramps. Everyone who likes the character of Mario would surely have fun with this game.