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'Mario Maker' for Wii U will allow owners to build custom levels

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Nintendo is trying their hand at a user-created level game, similar to Sony's wildly popular "LittleBigPlanet." The game, titled "Mario Maker," was announced and demoed yesterday afternoon at E3 2014 and may be more accurately described as a simple drag-and-drop editor.

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Using the Wii U gamepad and its stylus, users can–brick by brick–craft their own side-scrolling adventure for everyone's favorite plumber. The visual graphics may either be the classic 8-bit Mario that has become iconic around the world and across generations, or the modern high-definition style recent 'Mario' games have adopted.

Building a level is a simple as selecting an object (e.g. mystery blacks and goombas) and then selecting where in the level you would like it to appear. Piranha plants can be placed in pipes to pop up at regular intervals, turtles can be forced to bounce back and forth between obstacles, and platforms placed virtually anywhere. Enemies can be stacked on top of each other and wings can be added to any one of them.

If satisfied with the Mario masterpiece, the creator may then press "Play" and run through the level as Mario himself. Engadget reports building a cohesive level in "Mario Maker" is easier said than done, however.

Besides playing through it, Nintendo has not elaborated on what exactly may be done after a level is created. They may be saved, but perhaps architects will be able to share their levels with friends in the Miiverse. According to the dedicated announcement page, "Mario Maker" will not be available until sometime during the first half of 2015. Nintendo will likely share more information about the game as time goes on.


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