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Mario Lopez throws a tantrum at Mexican airport: 'I'm a celebrity,' Lopez yells
Mario Lopez: Playing the celebrity card?

Mario Lopez created a little turbulence at Puerto Vallarta’s airport in Mexico earlier this month, getting into an argument and nearly coming to blows with a group of passengers who were herded together in the customs line.

According to the Daily News Confidential on Thursday, the dimpled veteran television star was seen cutting in line in front of a group of people, loudly making known his elite person status. “I’m a celebrity!” Lopez reportedly yelled to those who questioned why Lopez, and his family – wife Courtney Lopez and kids Dominic and Gia – were being ushered to the front.

If you have ever traveled to Mexico, then you know that the airports are notorious for overcrowded lines and backed-up packs of irritated travelers waiting to get through customs.

Of course, if you’re a celebrity, you generally get to bypass such inconveniences as security checkpoints.

“He came from L.A., and there was a delayed plane from New York coming in at the same time, so customs was backed up,” says the Daily News source. “Mario had been traveling first class and they created a separate first class line, with about 30 people in the line.”

But even the smaller queue of waiting flyers wasn’t enough to satisfy the usually-nice guy Lopez.

“Everyone was saying, who is this person? What is going on here?” says the tipster source. “A bunch from New York started getting rowdy.”

When Lopez allegedly turned to the group and yelled “I’m a celebrity,” he angering one particularly aggravated man, who called the star out.

“It was a guy traveling with three kids. He told Mario, ‘We’ve all been waiting, I have young kids as well, it’s the principle of it,’” says the source, who indicated Lopez got into a bit of a chest-bumping match with the man.

“They gave little chest bumps a few times,” says the source. “Then customs was helping Mario.”

Once Lopez showed his passport and crossed onto Mexican soil, he reportedly turned to the man and yelled, “You’re in my country now b***h!”

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