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'Mario Kart 8' getting a free update and Mercedes-Benz DLC on August 27th

One of the new Mercedes-Benz DLC vehicles coming to Mario Kart on August 27th.
One of the new Mercedes-Benz DLC vehicles coming to Mario Kart on August 27th.

Nintendo has announced that Mario Kart 8 will be receiving a free software update later this month that adds some small, fan-requested features to the game while addressing some minor but well-known problems.

The update will go live on August 27th across North America, Japan, and Europe, and also includes the infamous, complimentary Mercedes-Benz DLC vehicles Nintendo announced a few weeks ago.

The additions and tweaks coming along with the software update include the following:

• Improved stability of online play
• An option to display the course map on the TV screen
• A new "Scoreboard" screen that displays your number of wins and losses, total amount of coins, character use percentages, and more
• The game will now remember your preferred vehicle setup so you don't have to select it from scratch every time you play the game
• When playing Grand Prix mode in single player or local multiplayer, the default option after a race is now "Next Race" instead of "View Highlights"
• You can now copy and edit other players' highlight videos in Mario Kart TV
• Other miscellaneous fixes

The Scoreboard screen in particular will very useful for players seeking the elusive Gold Glider and wondering how close they are to collecting the 10,000 coins required to unlock it! Seeing as the statistics that will be viewable on this new screen were available for players from the get-go in Mario Kart 7, it's a wonder this wasn't included in Mario Kart 8 at the game's launch.

Meanwhile, the included Mercedes-Benz DLC isn't just one new vehicle as previously thought, but three: the "W25 Silver Arrow," the "300 SL Roadster," and the brand-new "GLA."

Hopefully this isn't the end of Mario Kart 8's updates and DLC, and Nintendo will see fit to bring players some downloadable courses and characters in the future!

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