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'Mario Kart 8' eShop download size, multiplayer and release date detailed

'Mario Kart 8' characters
'Mario Kart 8' characters
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

Nintendo has opened a product page for the upcoming Wii U exclusive video game, "Mario Kart 8." According to a report from Gamepur on April 30, the digital version of the arcade racing game will be released on the eShop store at the same time as the digital release. Players may have to free up some space in order to download the software product, however.

The product listing revealed that "Mario Kart 8" has a download size of 4949.8 MB. The amount required may be troublesome, especially for owners of the 8 GB basic bundle of the Wii U. Furthermore, the deluxe set only comes with 32 GB of memory. Fortunately, Nintendo gives the user the ability to use external storage devices through USB connectivity.

The page also provided a few details in regards to the multiplayer features. Nintendo is planning to implement voice chat is some form for the upcoming title. The company has been hesitant in the pasr with adding the ability to communicate online. However, it appears that they will be more open to the feature with "Mario Kart 8" as well as potentially other upcoming titles.

The eighth main installment from the arcade racing series will let up to 12 players compete online. Players can pick between various characters, including the Koopalings from the "Super Marion Bros" franchise. You can find a screen featuring some of the drivers of the video game from the official Nintendo of America Facebook page with the image attached to the top side of this article.

"Mario Kart 8" is due to come out later this month on May 30. So far, Nintendo has announced 30 characters with 14 individuals that will need to be unlocked. Furthermore, the 32 tracks will contain of new courses as well as remixed versions of classics areas. The software product is being developed at the Nintendo EAD Studio and will be published by Nintendo. The racing game can be pre-ordered from Amazon in the next link: "Mario Kart 8."