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Marilyn Monroe still inspires fashion 52 years after her passing

Today, August 5th, marks the 52nd anniversary of the passing of Hollywood Legend Marilyn Monroe. Although Marilyn is gone her image and essence still inspire people from across the globe. One such person is British fashion designer Christine Edson, who has been getting quite a buzz for her latest collection of retro and Marilyn Monroe inspired styles.

 British designer Christine Edson
British designer Christine Edson
Christine Edson
Marilyn Happy Birthday Dress on Catwalk, model Minique OBrien
Christine Edson Collection

Her love of design began at a young age learning from her Grandmother. "My grandmother, a Swedish immigrant, was an accomplished dressmaker who taught me to sew from a very young age." Her talent was soon apparent to the envy of all her friends as being "known to have the best dressed Barbies in town", all wearing dresses Christine had designed and made herself. When asked if she draws on Marilyn for inspiration in her designs she says, "Yes, I adore the wardrobe of Marilyn Monroe, and I'm inspired by her designers: William Travilla, Jean Louis, Oleg Cassini." In addition to them she also loves the work of many other designers and added "I also love Edith Head of Hollywood, Vintage Givenchy and Christian Dior."

A "little birdie" told this writer that Christine was herself a stunning Marilyn Monroe tribute artist in years past; she admits the story is true: "My ex husband had a look alike agency in the 1980s called Frank Warenn Celebrity Lookalikes( for the name of the company put in single quotation marks or you can put it all in italics), and I was his Marilyn Monroe Look-a-like. Her career became more enmeshed in design because of her career as Marilyn and working for the theatre says Christine: "While being a dressmaker, and studying theatre design at the time, I found I enjoyed creating my own costumes most of all." She adds, "I've been designing for theatrical performers for over 20 years. Over the last two years, vintage 40s, 50s, and 60s have come into vogue and so I have recently been doing more fashion design. I became known for my replicas of Marilyn Monroe Costumes and from there I evolved into a fashion designer using Marilyn for inspiration."

Does she have any favorite pieces? Yes, "I like my new Retro Starlet designs.. my short version of Marilyn's famous gold pleated dress is in my new collection as well as a short version of the happy birthday dress." She adds," I also love my Retro Cinderella frock which takes inspiration from another icon screen goddess, Grace Kelly, and my reproduction of Rita Hayworth's Gilda dress." Says Christine, "I love the original designer of that dress ( Gilda), and Jean Louis who designed many of Marilyn's gowns including her famous happy birthday dress."

Christine specializes in recreating replica's of some of Hollywood's legendary dresses' and says, "I can make a replica of any vintage fashion, or design an original gown". Her current prices range from £99-£300 which seems very reasonable for such quality. Her collection, which is a beautiful tribute to the late Marilyn Monroe and all Hollywood glamour girls, can be viewed online at . Better grab one soon before this gal's creations are discovered by royalty and start flying off the shelves!

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