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Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch sculpture would make Joe DiMaggio's skin crawl

The most famous pose Marilyn Monroe is remembered for during her career is the famous skirt-blowing scene in The Seven Year Itch. Standing over a New York City subway grate, Monroe tries to hold her skirt down as a subway train underneath passes by sending an huge draft of air up her dress. Since July 2011, that iconic pose has been on display in Chicago in the form of a 26-foot tall sculpture called "Forever Marilyn."

''Forever Marilyn'', a sculpture by Seward Johnson in Chicago, Illinois.
Getty Images
Marilyn Monroe sculpture in Chicago
Getty Images

See photos from all different angles of the Marilyn Monroe sculpture

The legendary film shoot took place during September 1954 at the corner of E. 52nd street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. [In some photos, the address of 590 Lexington Avenue is visible.] Many photographers and onlookers gathered around that night to watch Monroe's skirt blow up revealing her bare legs, thighs and underwear. The photo shoot became such a spectacle that Monroe's husband at the time, baseball legend, Joe DiMaggio, stormed off in disgust. One month later, they filed for divorce.

The mega-sculpture of Marilyn Monroe created by Seward Johnson, located in Pioneer Court on Madison Avenue in Chicago, is made of stainless steel and aluminum and weighs 34,000 pounds. The magnitude of the sculpture allows for people to walk in-between Monroe's legs and look directly up at her underwear. Imagine what Joe DiMaggio, who was very protective and very old-fashioned, would think to having a representation of his wife's crotch on display.

Of course, now, more than 56 years later, the sculpture is not considered that provocative, but more nostalgic. Still, having children pose with the statue while standing right under Monroe's crotch makes one sympathize with DiMaggio's perspective.
The sculpture will be on display from now through Spring 2012.

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