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Marilyn Mason's new film is a raunchy romp that will offend. So what?

Yep that's MM
Yep that's MM
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Yep, it's raunchy.
And offensive.
And worth every second.
Officer Duke has a bit of a problem: He accidentally shot a man while holding a teenager (rocker Marilyn Manson) captive, and now he's storing the body in the trunk of his car. Luckily Officer Duke (Mark Burnham) fits right in with the rest of the local police force, who really couldn't care less about solving crimes and are much more interested in committing petty theft, blackmailing colleagues, soliciting prostitutes, sexually harassing the community and pursuing careers in electronic music.
So they probably aren't going to be so helpful when it comes to dealing with that body in the trunk anyway, which means Officer Duke may not have that much of a problem after all. In the absurdist ensemble comedy Wrong Cops, from director Quentin Dupieux, the cops may have gone wrong, but their depraved behavior makes the laughs feel . . . also wrong.