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Marijuana versus the religious right

An example of a Cross Joint from the movie Pineapple Express with instructions at
Jon Marley/

The religious right hates it when people are enjoying themselves. There is some sort of weird, puritanical thought process that believes humanity should suffer through its life on Earth. None of this falls within the teachings of Christ, but Christians rarely pay attention to the teachings of Christ so that doesn't really matter.

Christians in the religious right ironically only seem to care about the Old Testament. So we'll use the Old Testament to argue with their views on marijuana.

Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. ~Genesis 1:29

As you can see by the Genesis quote above, marijuana belongs to humanity according to Christian mythology. Seedless grapes, however, are not cleared by the Bible. It's amazing that anyone takes religious arguments seriously since they generally lack any reason or rationality, but are always chock full of hypocrisy.

Take the case of the dog walkers, Pack Leader, Plus…™. This "Christian" company decided to "fire" a family that subscribed to their services after that family forwarded the incredibly viral story about a Girl Scout who showed some business savvy in a state with legal marijuana dispensaries on. The Moyers found that simply clicking the share button for a funny story on Facebook has left their dogs high and dry in a way that no logical thinking person could have foreseen.

"[We] were upset by the pic with the Girls Scouts selling cookies outside of a government-funded drug house because they knew a bunch of whacked-out dope fiends would buy a bunch of cookies," Tom Ziegler, co-owner of Pack Leader, Plus, said in an e-mail to the Moyers. "We think this is appalling and not funny or cute."

As you can see, the Zieglers' opinion is based on a lot of bigotry and misinformation. That's not surprising, though, as their proposed solution to this "problem" is not something that could be considered a "Christian" action. Jesus never said, "And any who disagree with you should be abandoned left to fend for themselves," in any translation of Bible that's ever been in circulation.

The Moyers don't even use marijuana. They just happen to be of the opinion that it should not be used to create criminals. There are many, many reasons a person may believe that marijuana should be legalized. The reasons to keep it illegal are far more questionable.

The religious reasons for the Zieglers' decision are not only non-existent, but their religion should lead to the opposite conclusion. What would Jesus do? It's just a shame that humanity is so stupid that people regularly claim religion as an excuse for actions their religion actually would condemn if they possessed the ability for proper reading comprehension.

While the Zieglers may have a right to have whatever opinion they choose, everyone else has the right (nay, duty) to call them out on the hypocrisy of that opinion. If they claim Christianity as their reason, then we have the right to dissect that opinion and show them why they are wrong.

Sean Moyer explained their rights, and his, very well in a comment on the RiverFront Times story.

"I won't speak for anybody else, just myself, but as you say, legally, as long as someone isn't discriminating against a protected class, they have a right to put up a sign that says 'No Longhairs' or 'Freemasons Not Served Here', or whatever. Fully agree.

"But I also have a right to call out that kind of behavior as intolerant and let other people know about the company's position. At that point, everyone has a right to decide if it's okay, or if it's a dick move. Seems pretty clear the majority of people think this was a dick move.

"And for the 100th goddamned time, we don't smoke weed. My wife posted a picture on Facebook. That's it."

Photo Credit: Roll The Cross Joint From Pineapple Express by Jon Marley

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