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Marijuana Vending Machines Unveiled In Colorado

Marijuana Vending Machines Unveiled In Colorado
Marijuana Vending Machines Unveiled In Colorado
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The first marijuana vending machine has been unveiled and is now up and running in Herbal Elements in Eagle Veil, Colorado. This is the first machine that Medical Marijuana can be dispensed straight to the customer. The ZAZZ machine as it is called is going to be an excellent way of keeping track of inventory says Greg Honan of Herbal Elements. There is no possible way for theft either by customer or employee.

Customers will simply swipe their driver licenses to identify themselves. This is not a machine that they feel will catch on for dispensing legal pot but will work for those who are medical marijuana patients.

With marijuana legalization taking place in many states, more and more will take advantage of the growing market. Business seminars are taking place all over the country to introduce the marijuana opportunities that will exist. In Tampa recently, a $299.00 per person seminar took place and some 100 individuals gathered to listen to what could be taking place in their state in the new future. With the Legislature looking at two bills and the upcoming election having a medical marijuana attachment to it everybody in Florida is feeling the change in attitude statewide towards the plant.

Many are starting to look at the different areas that once the Bill passes the jobs will be open to all. Yes, there will be restrictions and limitations, but it is a step in the right direction. For too many years we have been fighting something that in the long run could help so many people. The medicinal side as well as the business side of the medical marijuana industry is something that for most who are watching states like Colorado and Washington and how they progress, are amazed at the opportunities that are there if you want to take the risk.

The vending machine is just the beginning of new devices and machines that will pop up in the future. Growers and dispensaries will be the big winners in the beginning. If we as a populace can be responsible in this industry it is possible that for most states marijuana will be a God send. Just ask the tax man out in Colorado, he's laughing all the to the bank. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to