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Marijuana vending machines coming to Colorado and Washington

The Huffington Post reported a story Sunday about a new vending concept—marijuana. For those who live in either Colorado or Washington, you may be able to get more than a soda from a vending machine. A Phoenix company called Endexx Corp. is developing a simple way to get a bag of weed.

Residents in Colorado and Washington will soon be able to buy their weed from a vending machine.
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Here is how it will work: a Colorado resident, where pot is legal, can use an app on their phone to order an ounce of weed. Afterward, they can visit a local retailer and pick up their order from a vending machine. The machine will also offer lighters and rolling papers.

Todd Davis, CEO of Endexx told the Huffington Post that it simplifies the process of buying weed. People can just walk in, make their choice and then continue with their business.

Davis hopes to have marijuana vending machines in Colorado and Washington by early 2014.

For more information about this story, visit the Huffington Post’s website.

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