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Marijuana Updates

Marijuana Updates
Marijuana Updates
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The status of marijuana is changing all over the country. The state of Maryland has legalized Medical Marijuana and has decriminalized small amounts of regular Marijuana. Governor Martin O'Malley signed these two bills on Monday bringing Maryland to be the 21st state to legalize Medical Marijuana.

The state of Colorado has just now brought out into the market the first marijuana vending machine. Those Rockie Mountain folk will never amaze us again. They are taking marijuana to new stages in our every day life. Tax revenue is still amazing in only the first few months and marijuana is here to stay.

Governor Chris Cristie says no to legalizing pot in the state of New Jersey but is open to Medical Marijuana. Christie who has his sights on the White House is not going to put his campaign in any sort of quandary even before it gets started. He already has done that with a bridge.

The mind set of most of America is that marijuana should be legalized. A recent poll put the numbers at close to 75% wanting to decriminalize Marijuana. Most feel that having some sort of Medical Marijuana in their respective states would not be going too far. The change of heart for some came when our President compared Marijuana to Alcohol and stated that the drink was worse than the smoke. Well that swayed many believe it or not.

Here in the State of Florida we are waiting for the full legislature to look into Medical Marijuana. If that fails like it did last year, then in November, We The People, will be able to vote on whether to legalize Medical Marijuana. We can thank Orlando attorney John Morgan. He has gotten the signatures to place the vote on the ballot.

By the end of 2014, the United States could have some 24 or 25 states with legal Medical Marijuana and two states with complete legalization. If the trend continues some ten years or less will see complete legalization for the country as whole. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to