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Marijuana Stocks Still Buzzed, Not High

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Marijuana stocks are all the craze in the news right now, but it hasn't sent the stocks soaring to riches.

As a matter of fact, many of them are still the plain ole' penny stocks we love to invest in with hopes of a rich man's fortune in the morning before the bell.

On Thursday, the Lexington Herald-Ledger reported that a "...measure to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky passed a House committee Thursday, but whether the issue will come up for a vote in front of the full House was unclear...Known as the Cannabis Compassion Act, the perennial bill is sponsored this year by Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, who called the historic passage "a miracle.""

And this is what trending stocks like these do. Since Colorado opened the flood gates for marijuana's recreational legalization earlier this year, the push for more medical marijuana freedom has been on the rise, but has done little for its stocks.

Here's a look at the latest marijuana stock prices:

Hemp Inc.: The company announced on Monday the arrival its first shipment of hemp hearts into the U.S. from its hemp crop in the Gansu Province of Northwest China. The hemp crop, which was planted back in 2013, the report states, yielded over 40,000 kg of hemp seeds and over 35,000 kg of raw fiber. This stock saw its best days earlier this month trading at $0.29 a share. The stock has fizzled since then, maintaining value at 15 cents a share.

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Medical Marijuana, Inc. : Besides a small dip Feb. 11 trading at $0.26 a share, Medical Marijuana Inc. has become a somewhat stable penny stock. This has been on of it's better months since April 2013. Recently the company got a little media attention out west with Fox News 5 San Diego.

According to reports, the news station featured featured the non-psychoactive industrial hemp cannabidiol (CBD)-rich hemp oil products that HempMedsPX(TM) represents in their recent news segment entitled, "Healing with Hemp."

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