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Marijuana Stocks Mid-Day Outlook: $ERBB, $PHOT, $MDBX On Top

Medical Marijuana Dispensing Companies Leading The Way
Medical Marijuana Dispensing Companies Leading The Way
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Marijuana Stocks Show Minimal Gain: Mid-day Outlook - Transbyte Corporation (OTC:ERBB) had a good jump on other marijuana stocks this morning, trading at 0.0313, up 0.0005(1.62%). The company's marijuana connections lie with their brainchild the Altitude Organix Corporation, one of the first publicly- traded medical marijuana dispensary brands in the world.

Recent News: The company recently reported that official tests have started between Altitude Organix and Bloom Dispensaries ( Bloom Dispensaries, based out of Arizona, specializes in Medical Marijuana dispensaries.

GrowLife Inc. (OTCBB: PHOT) is currently being traded at 0.4048, up 0.0298(7.95%). The company, which devleops, markets and deploys products and services of legal cannabis, reported Tuesday the completion of its first GrowLife Infrastructure Funding and Technology program (GIFT) transaction with CMMS, Inc. CMMS Inc. is known better in the Colorado mountain ski communities as LEAF Aspen and Fat City Test Kitchen. According to a recent press release, "The GrowLife Infrastructure Funding and Technology program (GIFT) allows fully-licensed and compliant growers and dispensaries in well-regulated cannabis markets to spread the cost of infrastructure builds over time. The GIFT program is intended to facilitate near term infrastructure needs paired with long term exclusive supply relationships for the expendables required by fully licensed growers and dispensaries."

Far from other marijuana stocks still trading for pennies, Medbox Inc. (OTC: MDBX) is on the upswing trading at $32.17, up 1.47(4.79%). The company received some good news today, announcing their expanded licensing agreement with Bio-Tech Medical Software Inc. Bio-Tech is the force behind the BioTrackTHC marijuana cultivation tracking system, and has been in business since 2007. They've also made headlines with their awarding of Washington State's recreational marijuana program. This morning, the company announced via press release that, "Medbox provided patented tracking and dispensing technologies at the point of sale at licensed marijuana dispensaries. As a result of this amended licensing agreement, Medbox technologies can provide "seed to sale" tracking, covering every aspect of marijuana cultivation and inventory management, all the way to the point of dispensing."

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