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Marijuana stocks: Mid-Day Outlook 3/7: ($TRTC) Terra Tech Corp. jumps out front

Terra Tech Corp. leads today's traders in marijuana stocks
Terra Tech Corp. leads today's traders in marijuana stocks

Marijuana Stocks In Play: Terra Tech - The last time Terra Tech Corp. (OTCMKTS:TRTC) soared anywhere near 0.60 cents a share it was Feb.18, priced at $0.58. It began a slow decent from there back to the 50-cent mark and stayed there until recent when it began to show more signs of life.

It's currently being traded at 0.640 +0.079 (14.08%).

Terra Tech has stepped out in front of many marijuana stocks investors thought would have caught some steam by now, such as Medical Marijuana Inc (OTC: MJNA), which is holding above or near the $0.30 mark since February. Others, such as Hemp Inc. (OTC:HEMP) have taken a nose dive today at $0.1010 , down $0.0120(10.62%). Last month, the company applauded President Obama for signing the 2014 Agricultural Act into law which, according to a NASDAQ report today contained a provision making it legal, under Federal law, for universities and state agricultural departments to grow and research the industrial properties of hemp without penalty, in states where the once controversial crop is legal.

Other stocks trailing Terra Tech today as of the time this report was published are Mediswipe Inc. (OTC: MWIP) at $0.387, up +0.012 (3.33%) and AVT Inc. (OTC: AVTC) trading at $4.46, up only 0.06 (1.36%).

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