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Marijuana stocks: Medical marijuana - related companies play center

Marijuana-related companies are playing great position.
Marijuana-related companies are playing great position.
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When it comes to marijuana stocks and medical marijuana investing, two stocks are playing a brilliant position.

Take for example mCig Inc (OTCBB:MCIG). The company announced Monday it has filed a Form S-1 (prospectus) with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the registration of 250,000,000 VitaCig, Inc. shares that will be paid out to mCig, Inc. shareholders as a dividend on the record date.

According to reports, the purpose of the spinoff, is to "allow VitaCig, Inc. to operate as an independent company operating within the electronic cigarette space by harnessing mobile vaporization for medical delivery."

And here's the play: medical delivery. With the medical marijuana movement gaining superb momentum this year, a company like this is waiting on the horizon for the right time to strike. Then there's Medbox Inc. (OTCMKTS:MDBX), a company in the business of medicine storage and dispensing systems to the medical and retail industries.

It's not a medical marijuana company, but has enjoyed the rise of the drug's popularity. The company's website specifies that, "Our company, Medicine Dispensing Systems, is not a medical marijuana dispensary or patient group and does not provide medical marijuana to patients. We are a full service medical marijuana dispensary consulting firm operating in the United States...We offer medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation center consulting, operational training and legal support."

The play? Medical dispensing. If the marijuana industry goes belly up (yeah right), Medbox remains afloat.

Consider the country's climate (and your next move) as per the latest headlines:

Investors should be looking to those who will supply infrastructure and product alone. They're not "marijuana companies" or even "marijuana stocks" - They're the next layer of the movement.

mCig, Inc. closed Monday's trading at $0.595, up 0.039 (7.01%). Medbox Inc. closed at $23.74, up 2.14 (9.91%).


Note: Live$tock does not own any marijuana stocks and has no vested interest in the companies discussed. The opinions expressed are those of Live$tock and potential investors should seek professional financial advice before investing.

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