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Marijuana Stock Mid-Day Report: 3/10: Terra Tech ($TRTC) Continues To Rise

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Terra Tech Corp. (OTCMKTS: TRTC) is showing investors that last week was no fluke. The penny stock is currently trading at 0.820 +0.123 (17.58%), and has shown no signs of slowing down since its awakening March 6.

The company, according to its website, integrates "...the best of the natural world with technology to create sustainable renewable solutions for food production, indoor cultivation, and agricultural research and development." Slightly after 10:30 a.m. today the stock reached 0.69 cents a share, then jumped ten more cents around 11:30 a.m. As of 1 p.m. today, the stock had soared to 0.82 a share. The company has enjoyed the ride to the top of marijuana penny stocks since announcing in late January their application for a license to operate a cannabis farming facility and dispensary under recently implemented changes to Nevada's medical cannabis laws.

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In an episode of Taking Stock March 7, Terra Tech Corp. CEO Derek Peterson spoke about their position in the marijuana rush. He said,"We field the future of farming especially in cannabis is going to be done inside of commercial scale dutch hydroponic style greenhouses using the energy from mother nature or the sun in combination with other technologies.One thing we say is technology and nature in perfect harmony and that is a primary example of our direction over the long haul."

Othe marijuana stocks seeing double-digit changes in percentages today include Tranzbyte Corp. (OTCMKTS: ERBB), trading at 0.0355 +0.0037 (11.64%), and Growlife Inc. (OTCBB:PHOT), trading at 0.459 +0.047 (11.52%).

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