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Marijuana Sonic fries: Side of pot came with this 'dopey' Sonic drive-thru order

Sonic Drive-Thru
Sonic Drive-Thru
Sonic Drive-Thru / Wikimedia Commons

Would you like to add weed and a drink to make that a combo? A Sonic Drive-Thru fast food eatery reportedly served a Maryland woman a baggie of marijuana along with her french fries last week, prompting the mom to storm in and demand an explanation. The female employee who accidentally added the pot baggie to her order was fired instantly and police were called.

Reports Carla McFarland, of Frederick, Maryland “took her children to the fast food restaurant on Guilford Drive on Wednesday. Everything was fine with the food she passed to her children, but when McFarland reached into the bag for her own food, she found a small bag of what appeared to be marijuana in her fries.”

McFarland, as you can imagine, was shocked at finding the pot, and certainly did not appreciate the extra token of surprise. She went in and spoke with the manager, who confronted the employee, who then confessed. Evidently, the employee was running some sort of drive-thru pot swap, but mixed up the orders.

“When she asked the three employees, one of the young ladies stepped up and said it was hers,” McFarland said. “It didn't take very long, and I guess at that point they just said that they fired her.”

Lieutenant Jennifer Bailey from the Frederick County Sheriff Department said they have the marijuana and are investigating for a potential arrest.

“I just kind of sat there in my car in shock,” the mom said. “I kept thinking, what if my kids had eaten it? I definitely can’t say that [Sonic] didn’t go out of their way. I honestly think they were more in shock than I was.”

McFarland said her six and eight years old's in the back seat may have not known that it was something they shouldn’t eat. She wonders what could have happened if she was served something else.

“I think that’s why everyone thinks it’s so funny, because it’s marijuana and it’s going to be legalized,” she said. “It could have been crack. It could have been cocaine in that little baggie.”

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