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Marijuana Should Be Legal Now!

Legalize It
Legalize It

The United States government has since the 1980's been holding onto Patent #6630507. It states that basically the people who have been protesting how bad marijuana is also claim it does some good. So what we are trying to tell you is that the government is a bunch of hypocrites. The DEA has for decades been trying to keep this bit of news quiet to the public. They didn't want it known for fear that the public might say or ask why do we need the DEA if this weed helps someone medically. The DEA has essentially since the 1980's withheld a treatment that would help children with epileptic fits and seizures. These children may not have been cured but their quality of life was impeded by this action.

All those many people who have undergone chemotherapy due to cancer could have battled that procedure better. Man there has to be a lawsuit or two hidden in there somewhere. The government as well as pharmaceutical companies are guilty as sin. Pills that these children have been taking all these years have helped very little. Oh they have made these companies billions of dollars but at what expense. This has to be one of the worst frauds in modern history.

Recently Florida was the latest state to legalize a type of medical marijuana called Charlotte's Web. It doesn't have enough THC content to get high on but it will help those that I have previously mentioned. In November Florida votes on Amendment 2 which would concern the medical marijuana containing a higher THC content. It will probably pass with at least 88% of the vote.

The time has come for the United States of America to wake up and smell the roses. "The People" want to legalize marijuana. The money spent trying to stop it from making it to a legal market has been a failure.

The need for cheaper and better treatment for those who could benefit from legal marijuana outweigh the alternative that doesn't help at all. It's time to get rid of wasteful government agencies that just funnel funds down the toilet. The Federal government has to take responsibility on this one and face the truth. Come clean and finally state it like it should be - "We made a big mistake". LEGALIZE IT. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to