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Marijuana overdose hoax reports 37 dead: Fish odor fatal symptom in spoof

Colorado opens their marijuana shops and website does spoof story on weed overdoses fooling some folks.
Colorado opens their marijuana shops and website does spoof story on weed overdoses fooling some folks.
Photo by Theo Stroomer/Getty Images

Reports of marijuana killing 37 people who suffered overdoses is nothing more than a hoax that was reported on a website dedicated to satirical stories. This fooled some folks out there, but not everybody. The first day of Marijuana sales was reportedly marred with these overdose deaths in the spoof. The story continued on saying that the Colorado government will revisit the law making marijuana legal, according to the Denver Channel, ABC News on Jan, 3.

Anyone who knows a bit about weed would consider this a hoax right away. The only way weed might kill folks would be the same way any other product could kill folks, someone tampers with it. You can overdose on anything you ingest, including water, so it is a possibility, but a rare one.

Some of the reporting is actually funny. The story had a fake doctor reporting that they were seeing folks with hypospadias and acquired trimethylaminuria. The first is a "fish odor syndrome" and the latter is a birth defect of the penis, nothing that could be caused by weed that's for sure.

“Overdose” and “marijuana” are two words that just don’t seem to go together, never mind 37 times. It was the Daily Current website that posted this spoof on pot overdoses. The website has a disclaimer saying that it is a spoof, but apparently the headlines were too shocking for some folks to read on.

The story included a fake doctor, “Dr. Jack Shepard,” who was a character from the popular show “Lost.” They had the fake doctor reporting multiple cardiac arrests and a few other disorders that couldn't possibly be caused by pot.

The story reported that Dr. Jack Shepard was chief of surgery at St. Luke’s Hospital in Denver. This forced the real St. Luke’s to release a statement saying there is no such doctor and referring folks back to the spoof in The Daily Current where this all started.

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