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Marijuana may lead to male breasts, other side effects

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Snoop Lion (more commonly known as Snoop Doggy Dogg) isn't just a rapper or a youth football coach. He may also be the primary counterargument for the belief that marijuana can lead to man boobs (moobs).

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Viewers of the 2001 film "Baby Boy" who saw the rapper in the white wife-beater tanktop would laugh hysterically at the idea that marijuana may lead to male breasts. Marijuana is plentiful in any community, especially Colorado, where it's now legal for recreational use, not just in hip-hop. However, according to Medline Plus, gynecomastia (abnormally large breasts in men) is still possible for men who smoke marijuana.

With the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act that took effect on January 1 of this year, male smokers may want to know the downsides. Currently in Chicago, it is only legal to use medical marijuana if a patient has a medical condition.

Gynecomastia is also common during puberty years, but most young men grow out of it. All men have both androgens and estrogens. Androgens create male characteristics, such as hair growth, muscle size and a deep voice. Estrogens are sex hormones involved in the growth, maintenance and repair of reproductive tissues.

There are obvious perks of smoking weed, however, including euphoria (pleasure), relaxation and increased sensations of sight, hearing and taste. But as with any drug, there are side effects. Check out the gallery (above) for other cons of marijuana use.

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