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Marijuana Bowl 2014

Anti-Marijuana ad paid for by Project SAM
Anti-Marijuana ad paid for by Project SAM
Project SAM

Denver and Seattle are packing a bowl for the whole country to enjoy. Tonight at 5:30 teams from the two states who passed marijuana legalization will meet on the field to share the biggest bowl of the year for the NFL. Super Bowl 48 is taking place at MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, but the teams playing are representing Colorado and Washington, making marijuana an obvious conversational link for the big game.

Marijuana Bowl
Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Time magazine is predicting that marijuana sales will spike in the same way as pizza in preparation for the big game, which is sort of like predicting the sun will come up tomorrow. Rolling Stone, in the meantime, is using this opportunity to compare the marijuana laws of the two states involved. The NFL, however, has announced that marijuana will remain on the banned substance list for NFL players, refusing to evolve with the times.

A group that shares the NFL's stance on the subject has erected a billboard to combat all that pesky accurate information getting out and running wild in the public's collective mind. Project SAM (Smart Aproaches to Marijuana) is a group that wants neither legalization nor demonization of marijuana, yet they ironically accuse marijuana of causing apathy.

In comparison to Project SAM's one billboard, the Marijuana Policy Project has created eight. How's that for apathy? Most of MPP's ads are in reference to marijuana being safer than alcohol, with some mentioning that it is also safer than football. Though, after Project SAM unveiled their billboard asking us to be smarter about marijuana, the MPP responded with two billboards emphasizing that the safer choice is the smarter choice. It's clear that the pro-marijuana side is winning this marijuana bowl so far, by means of greater penetration.

Whether this battle of ideologies makes it on the air during the famous Super Bowl commercial breaks remains to be seen. In the meantime just sit back, turn on the tv, grab some nachos and enjoy a big bowl of refreshing Lit Bud, because this bud's for you.

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