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Marietta man convicted of abusing wife

Ricky Allen, 39, faces 30 years in prison after abusing his wife.
Cobb County Sheriff's Office

A Cobb County man was convicted this week on his ninth charge of abusing and beating his wife, AJC reports.

According to Cobb County court documents, 39-year-old Ricky Allen was convicted of aggravated battery, false imprisonment, and family violence battery. The evidence presented at Allen's trial this week indicated that he beat and abused his wife in 2013, in their home. He was acquitted from a kidnapping charge, in which he punched his wife inside their home and threw her down on concrete flooring.

Although Allen's wife testified during the trial, she denied that the beating was serious. Yet, according to assistant DA, Sherwin K. Figueroa, she is under the control of Allen.

"His behavior controls her and makes her do things a normal person would not do. She believed she had to recant or her life would be in danger," said Figueroa.

However, Allen's wife filed for divorce recently, after ten years of marriage. They have five children together.

Allen faces a total of 30 years, marking his fourth time in prison. Per the Georgia Department of Corrections, Allen served time on three different occasions in Georgia state prisons. He also served six months from Sept. 2013 until March 14 at the Wheeler Correctional Facility for family violence, an obstruction conviction, and cruelty to children.

Judge Lark Ingram of the Cobb County Superior Court has not yet set a date for sentencing. Allen remains in Cobb County Jail for now.

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