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Marietta commemorates the Roswell Mill Women's Civil War Plight July 12

Roswell Mill Dam
Roswell Mill Dam
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Everyone knows about the Trail of Tears which removed the Cherokee from their homes, but not that many people know about the Roswell mill women who were removed by force by Sherman's troops during the Civil War. You can read all about them in my article here.

Now, as part of their commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, Marietta is having a re-enactment of the walk tomorrow, July 12 at 9 am. There were over 400 women and their children who were forcibly removed from the Sweetwater and Roswell Mills and marched to Marietta Square, and then marched to Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio and few made it back. They deserve to be remembered.

The march is open to all women and children who would like to help honor and remember these women, who were innocent of any crime. The walk will begin at Brumby Hall and end at Atherton Square, off Marietta Square.

After the walk, there will be a short program with Civil War Historian Mike Shaffer and an actual ac count in letters read by Connie Sutherland, who is the director of the Gone With the Wind Museum. There will be Union re-enactors organized by historian Brad Quinlin.

There will be plenty of water for the walkers and ice cream for participants afterward.

This is a perfect opportunity for women to honor their local history and to teach their children about a Civil War atrocity they will probably never learn about in school.

I am sorry for the short notice but I only got the press release about this myself today. Please participate if you can!

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