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Marianne Faithfull knows who killed Jim Morrison of The Doors

Marianne Faithfull, the British pop and rock singer who recorded “As Tears Go By” – which became her hugest hit record – says she knows who killed the iconic front man of the rock and roll group The Doors. More than four decades after Jim Morrison died, Faithfull says that her boyfriend back in the early 1970s is the person who killed Morrison. She said that it was an accident, according to a Washington Post report on Wednesday.

Marianne Faithfull photographed in 2007

At the time of Morrison’s death, which occurred in France, there was no suspicion of foul play. Therefore, Morrison’s body never had an autopsy performed on it. The doctors claimed that his death was attributed to heart failure which was aggravated by heaving drinking. According to the report, Morrison could drink 36 beers in one day.

Now, Marianne Faithfull has stepped forward and spoke in an interview with Mojo Magazine. She claims that her then-boyfriend, Jean de Breiteuil, killed Morrison. De Breiteuil, according to Faithfull, was a heroin dealer who unintentionally led Morrison to his death via an overdose of drugs. Faithfull says that the last time de Breiteuil went to visit the rock and roll legend, she did not accompany her boyfriend on that visit, according to Yahoo! News.

Faithfull said in the interview that she could intuitively feel trouble. She said that she thought she should just take a few Tuinal and skip the trip. That’s when de Breiteuil went to see Morrison and killed him. She said she is quite sure it was an accident. She summed up her story by saying that the smack – another word for heroin – was just too strong for Morrison, and he died. She claims she didn’t know anything about it.

Morrison died in July of 1971 at the young age of 27. The heroin dealer now accused of killing Morrison died several weeks later. Morrison was found dead in a bathtub in Paris, France.

Marianne Faithful is set to begin a 50th anniversary tour. Besides being known as a 1960s singing sensation, she is known for the company she kept back in the day as well as her ongoing drug problem. She is a former girlfriend of the Rolling Stones’ front man, Mick Jagger.

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