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Marianne Faithfull cops to knowing who killed Jim Morrison

After decades of denying that she had any involvement in the death of Jim Morrison, Marianne Faithfull has told a MOJO Magazine interviewer that while she didn’t have anything to do with the death of Morrison she knows who did kill him.

Marianne Faithfull tells Mojo Magazine in a new interview she knows who killed Jim Morrison
CD cover art Marianne

Faithfull has always maintained she wasn’t involved in the death of Jim Morrison and never even met him. In her new story, that statement remains the same. In a new twist Faithfull is now saying that her boyfriend at the time, Jean de Breiteuil, who may have also had a relationship with Morrison’s long time girlfriend and “Cosmic Mate” Pam Courson could have been involved. In the MOJO interview with Tom Doyle, Faithfull said that when she and Breiteuil arrived in Paris he said he had to go over to Morrison’s apartment. Faithfull says she had a ‘bad feeling’ about the rendezvous and instead of going with Breiteuil she took some Tuinal and went on the nod. That’s when her story gets more ambiguous. In the interview she says, “And he went to see Jim Morrison and killed him. I mean I’m sure it was an accident. Poor Bastard. The smack was too strong? Yeah. And he died.” What is interesting to note is that she never says this is what Breiteuil told her, so it’s not even hearsay, it’s a supposition on her part and she doesn’t offer anything more substantive about the story than Breiteuil said he was going to see Jim Morrison. She doesn’t even place the story in context of the time of the year (although we’re meant to assume July), she doesn’t relate Breiteuil’s reaction, or her’s.

Jim Morrison death stories and eyewitness reports are stacking up and starting to create quite a canon of myth and legend. From Pam Courson’s story of Morrison being sick and he went to take a bath and she found him the next morning, to Sam Bernett’s story that when he was the manager of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus Morrison OD’d in a toilet stall and he had a couple of bouncers take the body back to his apartment. The Faithfull and Breiteuil story has been around a long time and until now Faithfull hasn’t acknowledged any involvement. So why now? She may believe it and she assumes that‘s what happened. For the more cynical, Faithfull has a new CD coming out September 29 and she’s hitting the promotional trail and recognizes a good lead for an article that will draw a lot of interest (more info on Faithfull’s new CD and appearance is available at, or it may be MOJO Magazine itself. The interview with Faithfull is in their 250th issue that also includes an article that Brian Jones was murdered. Judge for yourself and read Faithfull’s interview at MOJO Magazine.

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