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Mariah silences Nick: Reports are out she is keeping him quiet about divorce

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Reports are out that Nick Cannon won't be talking about his divorce from Mariah Carey anymore. She doesn't want him to talk about it and is going to do what she can to stop him. On Friday, AZ Central shared that she is going to get him so stay quiet by actually warning to take more money in the divorce if he talks.

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The new reports share that Mariah slapped him with a confidentiality agreement. It is totally one-sided and if he doesn't listen to it he can get hit with financial penalties for it. This would be a great reason for him to stay quiet and not start speaking out about it all. Mariah doesn't want their dirty laundry to be aired.

When the news came out about the divorce, New York Daily News posted that Nick shared that he was living on his own and had been for a few months. He didn't say a lot about what was going on though. Now he won't be allowed to talk at all. He did share that he is putting their kids first though and that is his main focus. They do already have lawyers involved due to the custody dispute about the kids. Another report says that the problem is that he is a flirt and she thinks he might be cheating. You can read more on it at this link.

When Mariah Carey is ready to share about the divorce that is when everyone will hear the details. Until then Nick Cannon will keep his mouth shut. The host of "America's Got Talent" will follow their agreement. It doesn't look like there is any chance that this couple will work out their problems. Their divorce should be coming soon.