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Mariah Carey: The desperation of Mimi


Mariah Carey: Flop after flop
(Source: AP)

Mariah's Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel album has not only bombed in the United States, but it failed all over the world as well. So what's a fading pop diva to do?

Mariah is getting ready to release a Memoirs remix album featuring R&B artist Ne-Yo and rent-a-rapper Nicki Minaj. Doesn't Mariah realize that Ne-Yo is so five years ago?  How low does a Diva have to go to score a hit these days?

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  • Mimi 5 years ago

    The question is: how low do YOU have to ago in order to get your readers' attention?

  • Gina 5 years ago

    She doesnt seem to have a career anymore.


  • Tell em 5 years ago

    I love you Sue!

    Riri fan

  • Swag21 5 years ago

    remix album... 12 k 1st week sales.

    D. E. A .D

  • Annabolic 5 years ago

    never like her from the day one. Hope she goes quietly

  • Go Away 5 years ago

    She has no talents left and now her career is dwindling. Time to pop out babies, MooMoo!

  • Truth hurts 5 years ago

    The 5 GOOD Reasons We Love Queen Beyonce:-

    1. She is still sexy after 12 years of hard work.
    2. She has never flopped, when you’re fave can barely go gold?
    3. She is more talented than your has- been ever was.
    4. She sweeps every award show leaving you fighting back tears.
    5. She is young n georgeous: the cover of fashion magazines
    6. She doesn't have a boobs job like your hoochie mama

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    I love Mariah She has nothing to prove now. Beyonce still isn't close to selling as many albums as Mariah. Rihanna surpassed a women who has been making music for 12 years in 6 -____ Beyonce will never be queen she got a long time to reach the standards of mariah.

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