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Mariah Carey talks being ‘vulnerable,’ family life on NBC concert special

Mariah Carey has a NBC special
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Mariah Carey is almost always the first person that comes to mind when fans think of a diva. The entertainer is known to have some amazing vocal abilities and her fans are loyal. While not everyone understands how she processes her music, they definitely can appreciate what she offers. According to Hollywood Life on Friday, the star is expected to open up on her life outside of music and dish on what it really is like at her home.

The NBC special “Mariah Carey: At Home in Concert With Matt Lauer” airs on Saturday night, but it isn't just a concert. Instead the star gives Matt Lauer a look at her lavish home in Southern California and shares with him some of her personal reflections. Looking to attract people to her new music, the star is bringing down the walls and offering how she survives in such a competitive market.

As everyone will agree, Mariah Carey is a big star. The continuous string of hits, plenty of media coverage and people chatting about her all the time. The celebrity is also a mother. And to keep a balance she sometimes needs to build a wall. The star described herself as “vulnerable” and offered up a reflection on how she keeps the negativity out for herself and her family. Reminding everyone that she is a human, it appears she know people are looking to capture a moment of her fame.

The interview wouldn't be perfect without Mariah Carey performing. While the concert appears to be private (or perhaps Matt Lauer is involved, the title is unclear) there is no doubt the star will give a few good songs for everyone to appreciate. Her music is best in a controlled environment where the sound can be adjusted accordingly.

The NBC special “Mariah Carey: At Home in Concert With Matt Lauer” is on Saturday starting at 8 p.m.

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