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Mariah Carey prepares to compete in the Miley Cyrus generation

Mariah Carey, 44, as reported by Billboard, is set to drop her fourteenth studio album titled Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse onto the music scene on May 27 and will compete with the 21-year-old Miley Cyrus Bangerz generation. Many have accused Miley Cyrus of relying on cheap bad girl antics to promote her music. Cyrus’ over-the-top MTV Music Awards’ performance helped the singer receive worldwide attention for months after it aired. Mariah, a mother of two, has taken several years to work on this new album, while she judged American Idol for a stint and acted in films like Precious and The Butler. Should Mariah step up her bad girl image to sell records and connect with the young record-buying audience? Some entertainment critics are reporting Carey is already hard at work conjuring up covert PR initiatives.

Mariah Carey appear on MTV to debut new music video.
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

After Carey publicly stated that her new album is a surprise release, like Beyonce’s recent drop, Mariah’s label Def Jam, tells a different story. According to sources like the NY Post, reports are circling that Def Jam dismissed a surprise drop, as the album has been in the works for 4 years and has had many problems, setbacks and re-records. One outlet is reporting that a source at Def Jam revealed to them that the new Mariah Carey album is a “huge disaster that makes Glitter look like Thriller.”

Now that the album is nearing finalization, Carey must begin her publicity campaign to achieve radio spins and sales. In a strange video voice message released by Mariah Carey’s team on YouTube, the diva unveiled the name of her new album with a heavily photo-shopped cover image displaying a youthful glow all over the singer. The back cover art of the album is allegedly a self-portrait drawing that Carey drew, when she was just 3 ½ years-old. Carey, a toddler genius, also knew how to spell and print back then. The elusive chanteuse claims that she named the portrait “Me. I am Mariah,” the title of her new album. This publicity endeavor has become a field day for journalists, bloggers and "snarky" social media posters that refer to the campaign as “awkward,” among other not-so-nice things.

Other music news sites have also predicted that Mariah Carey has planned with and her husband Nick Cannon to have very public affairs for increased tabloid fodder. It has already been reported by several outlets that Mariah is jealous and very suspicious of Cannon and is having him followed while she is allegedly drinking inappropriately again. The stories are all beginning to surface that Mariah may be headed for another very public breakdown to win sympathy and attention to help promote her new music. These stories are pretty awful, but they are able to garner publicity from journalists and outlets only interested in trending relevant topics and shocking celebrity stories, regardless if the music is good or not.

When we compare and contrast Miley Cyrus’ bad girl antics and image to that of Mariah Carey’s current capers, there seems to be very little difference. Both singers started out as young sweet innocent entertainers with burgeoning careers. Today, they are both following the overblown publicity stunt path, which most pop music stars engage in to stay relevant, gossiped about at work and hopefully sell music and concert tickets.

Cyrus is currently in Europe on tour, performing to sold-out arenas, while Carey is plotting her next big comeback and hoping for the best. However, this is happening as Madonna, the true “Queen of Pop,” is also engaged in her own publicity campaign for her new album due out sometime later this year. To Madonna’s credit, she is purposely relying on simply promoting her work, the producers and songwriters she is working with in the studio, and displaying absolute integrity when it comes to her artistry.

Mariah Carey may not need to worry about competing with the likes of Miley Cyrus and wowing the MTV crowd with shocking over-the-top antics. Mariah does not need to be a tabloid darling or orchestrate personal tragedy to sell records either. They might help, but one thing is for sure, Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse, which indicates Mariah Carey is subtle or indescribable, is far from the truth. Class-act Mariah Carey has millions of verifiable fans around the world who buy her music because they love her incredible 5-octave range voice and they adore who she is—with or without publicity stunts.

Sources: Billboard, Time, New York Post

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