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Mariah Carey new album campaign draws ire of fans and critics

The Desperation of MiMi
The Desperation of MiMi
Photo courtesy of Def Jam Records, used with permission.

On Wednesday evening, Mariah Carey revealed the artwork and tracklisting for her new album titled "Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse." She also made sure to continue calling herself the greatest and best selling female artist ever, which has been proven false, especially due to her incredibly desperate 49 cent sales techniques.

Since 2012, Mariah has released at least five buzz singles, all major flops. Each time a single of hers flopped, Mariah would delay her album. Fans thought they were finally going to get "The Art of Letting Go" in December. Unfortunately, the title track flopped and the album was delayed....again. Mariah has decided to change the title of the album so it doesn't coincide with the flop single of the same name. This album title, she claims, is inspired by a picture of herself she supposedly drew at 3. Since the announcement last evening, the Mariah backlash has become intense.

"Me. I am Screaming Mimi. And this pic is photoshopped to death," said one fan in the comments section on the Daily Mail website. The fan is referring to the cover shot which shows Mariah, 45, looking like she is 25. She appears more as a painted canvas than a human.

"Terrible, terrible title. Also, hasn't she done that pose on at least three other albums already?" another fan asked. But if you do a search for "Mariah Carey" on Twitter, the comments are far worse. People are calling Mariah a human dog whistle, a fat woman pretending to be skinny, etc. But the most common type of criticism on Twitter is that Mariah is a has-been.

Indeed, the past five years haven't been kind to Mariah. Her last album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" was an immediate bomb that produced no memorable hit singles. A remix album was canned and a Christmas album was released instead. That record bombed as well. At the same time, Mariah has been constantly spawning out press releases with her worldwide album sales increasing by 20 million each time. It's obvious Mariah is headed for another breakdown. Let's hope someone can intervene and at least tell her the Photoshop thing looks ridiculous.