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Mariah Carey: Living separately, breakup - is divorce in the near future?

Mariah Carey has been married to Nick Cannon since 2008. Over the years the forty-five year old celebrity, mother, and wife of the “America’s Got Talent” host has had a growing suspicion about her husband.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: Makeup or breakup?
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Whether he has really cheated or not her suspicions have increased so much it has made an impact on their marriage. The changes in their lives such as selling their mansion home in July that’s located in Bel-Air and now living in separate residences has got to have an effect on their twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

It seems that Nick is currently living out of hotels and hasn’t set up a separate place to reside. Mariah’s suspicions have prompted her to hire security to watch over her husband. The surveillance is to keep him away from the girls and not the girls away from him.

There is a difference of eleven years between Mariah and Nick but if they truly love each other and trust each other age shouldn’t factor into things. It is sad that the way the news is spreading the rumors he has cheated on her it is even sadder that there is a barrier keeping him from seeing his girls. One thing has nothing to do with the other and the children shouldn’t suffer because the adults don’t get along or can trust each other and the promises they made when they married.

A formal announcement is supposed to be released sometime soon to the finality of their relationship. No one knows for sure if this will happen or when. Now fans can get a little understanding as to why they haven’t seen the couple as they have over the years together or photographed on the red carpet together since last January.

Do you think they can resolve their trust issues? Do you believe they will try and save their marriage?

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