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Mariah Carey divorcing Nick Cannon: Did Kim Kardashian details end relationship?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon divorce pending?
Photo by Christopher Polk

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon might not be the happy couple that most people assumed would last forever. The two Hollywood stars seemed to have the perfect marriage, but rumors of the two separating or divorcing have plagued the stars for the past few weeks. According to TMZ on Thursday, the two stars are heading to divorce and haven’t lived together since May.

The situation that brought the two stars at odds has been referenced to include Kim Kardashian. Nick Cannon answered questions earlier this year about who he slept with on the popular Los Angeles radio show hosted by local DJ Big Boy. While the bit was for listeners to laugh and get to know Cannon, it appears that Mariah Carey was not happy to hear Kim Kardashian’s name mentioned. The incident probably happened years ago, but it seemed to have set off a chain of events to end the relationship.

There are other indications that the two stars are finished with their relationship. USA Today is reporting that the stars have put up their property in the Bahamas and their lavish Los Angeles estate. Add that both celebrities have done what they can to stay out of the public eye, except for work and their representatives aren’t talking. It leaves the impression that there is no fixing this relationship.

Once considered one of the hottest couples representing Hollywood, things started changing after Nick Cannon got sick. Fully recovering and doing better than ever, the star returned to work and his schedule is just as busy as ever. Perhaps gone too much, this element has also been an alleged reason why Mariah Carey has been upset.

Hopefully the young children Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are kept first priority during this troubling time. And that might include keeping them away from the tabloids until the speculation of what really is happening with their relationship dies down.

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