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Mariah Carey caught lip-syncing at the BET Awards

Last month singer-songwriter Mariah Carey was caught lip-syncing during her “American Idol” melody; which reps later denied. Twitter was full of tweets laughing at Carey’s expense. “Mariah Carey, if you are going to lip sync on American Idol, at least attempt to make it look real. Or don’t perform on behalf of America,” one “American Idol” fan wrote.

After last night's performance on the BET Awards, Twitter lit up again with more accusations from BET viewers that the songstress lip-synced again during her performance of “Beautiful.” Before she took the stage, her husband, Nick Cannon, was on the red carpet commenting that Mariah is a “perfectionist” and that she “puts a lot of work into these performances.” He followed up with “Everything you see is all her.”

We’ve all heard Mariah Carey sing, so what gives with the lip-syncing?

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