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Mariah Carey bombs again with latest single


Has-been diva
(Source: AP)

H.A.T.E.U is yet another bomb for badly aging pop diva Mariah Carey. Her album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel has bombed in both the US and Europe. Mariah Carey is doing everything possible to cover up her major career flop with hype for her part in the movie Precious, a film she is barely in for ten minutes.

Mariah is in major damage control. In order to add fake sales to the album, she is releasing two remix albums.  Hopefully, more people will buy those than they are tickets for her current tour, which isn't selling well despite being booked in mini-theaters. This past week, several web blogs and radio stations were giving away tickets to her New Year's Eve show at Madison Square Garden.

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  • minime015 5 years ago

    LOL, H.A.T.E.U wasn't released in Europe, how can a not released song bomb? Explain that please, can you?????

  • Peter 5 years ago

    It's not all about sales and airplay.
    It's about the quality of music.
    I love H.A.T.E.U. and her album,
    which, I believe, is better than most pop music out there.
    THe fact that you only care about sales and airplay shows
    how materialistic and superficial you are.

  • Faz 5 years ago

    Pft, h.a.t.e.u wasn't released in Europe u dumb biaatch. And please get a life you pathetic piece of ****. Who cares if mariah was only in precious for 10 minutes, at least she was a part of one of the best movies that came out in 09 (although I think avatar will win best film at oscars even though it shouldn't). Mariah has accomplished more than your whole family combined. I hate people who thunk that just because they are behind a computer they can act all tough. Stupid wigger biaatch with a ni3ger nose, what's up with your picture anyway? You looking fu**ing constipated...fat. piece of crap...white trash.

  • aronga 5 years ago

    the top 40 of best album sales (in the world) has just been released on united world charts: Susan Boyle is N 1 with 6 M (pfff) and Gaga is 2nd.(5.1 M) Madonna is N34 with celebration (1.4 M) and W Houston is 27 (1.6 M). No mariah Carey sorry! note that Jackson (RIP)thanks to his sudden death has 8 albums in the world charts all selling between 2 and 4 Millions each ! As you can all see it is becoming harder and harder to sell CD and I wonder until when there's gonna be countdowns !

  • jj 5 years ago
  • madhuri 5 years ago

    H.A.T.E.U is very good , I listen to that song every night. I don't care if it sells well or not. You are just jealous of Mariah's talent. Madonna and Whitney has more flop albums/singles than Mariah. At least, "Obsessed" is a platinum single. Mariah also owns the song of the decade with "We belong together", which is a monster-hit all around the world. Does a Whitney or a Madonna have a real hit song this decade? She also tops with "One sweet day" which is also the biggest hit of the 90s. Plus Mariah has both young and old audiences. Madonna fans are mostly **** . Whitney / Celine's fans are over-aged.

  • fat&hot 5 years ago

    WOW Sue I thank god i wasn't born in a family like yours. I would've turned out to be miserable.

  • Ronzy 5 years ago

    Sue Bergerstein = Hatin Ho!

  • Armando 5 years ago

    Honestly, I kinda agree with Sue on this article. Mariah Carey is too busy promoting her stupid marriage and it's affecting her work. I think Nick Cannon is another reason why she isn't doing as well as she should be doing.

  • aronga 5 years ago

    madhuri you must be living in a universe of your own ! hung up from madonna was n1 in 40+ country and 4 minutes was the best selling single from 2008 in US but never reached n 1 because of stupid radio airplay. Every Madonna n 1 songs are from 1984 to 2000 when only real sales mattered. Then radio aiplay started to be counted. Since then madonna had no more n 1 in usa, when she scored more n 1 in the world, proving that her pop songs are still great. US radio boycot affect madonna sales but not her pop icon magnitude.but I like Mariah too: she has talent and great songs but her sales are inflated and she probably pays all the radio to play her (payola). but anyway sales don't really matter ...

  • Chewy 5 years ago

    This has to be the funniest article I've read. It's so obvious this Sue is jealous of Mariah Carey, whose fame and fortune she can never EVER achieve. So Sue has to resort to writing about untrue negative things about her, let me see, in order to gain attention, just like that fat slut/whore/bitch who wrote stupid things about Mariah awhile ago.

    First the picture was labelled with "Has-been diva". Wow is your jealousy and hatred that big? "Badly aging"? I believed that's you, I could predict it's only a few days before that hideous horrifying picture next to the title of this article ends up as "Has-been Indiananpolis Celebrity Headlines Examiner". Did you not see how happy Mariah is with Nick? Obviously you're blind *duh* Her tickets isn't selling well? Where is the evidence? Prove or you're dead slut!

  • SwagLikeALegend 5 years ago

    You dumb f*cking bitch! If Mariah is such a has-been then how come "Obsessed" went platinum?????? And MSG got sold out bitch! I f*cking hate you. Go die.

  • SOULSAVER 5 years ago

    The real worth of an artist is determined not by the amount of product sold, but the quality of the music. Because Mariah Carey has enjoyed such staggering commercial success in the past, her artistic accomplishments become secondary, which would be a mistake: she is modern musical living legend at the height of her creative powers. Like ELVIS,ARETHA, STEVIE,& PRINCE she continues to explore all musical genres, flexing her incredible voice with new, innovative styles combined with her trademark emotions. H.A.T.E.U. is an artistic TRIUMPH, one of her best in a long list of great songs. Who cares about how much it sells or chart positions, for fans of Mariah the artiste, this is another CLASSIC.

  • rochelle 5 years ago

    o my god you seriously have no life. I seriously think you have a secret obsession with mariah carey. I mean you posted the most posts on your little blog I mean this is just ridicilous.Perez hilton is even better than you and hes even not a journalist!YOU ARE NOT A REAL JOURNALIST AT ALL YOU JUST POST HATE AND HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO YOU OBSESSED BIGOT SERIOUSLY

  • max 5 years ago

    i hope you get fired you seriously have no life. your paycheck must be really small because you just post f*ng trash. I hope you die all by yourself in a corner

  • shaque 5 years ago

    umm if you think tht mariah is ugly look at yourself you look like java the hut combined with the blob

  • nancy 5 years ago

    you wish u were mariah u dumb piece of s**t

  • Matthew lee 5 years ago

    what are you desperate of attention you posted this on new years eve you seriously need to get a life ok. i will seriously punch you in the face if i ever see you okkk

  • Alex 5 years ago

    She sold out in MSG, the biggest arena in the world, lets see your crazy ass do the same!

  • Aden 5 years ago

    Well if selling out Madison Square Garden means not selling well...then may be everyone is right! Sue is crazy after all! crazy in a really demented way! anyway...for your info she just sold our Borgata too. And i guess there will be more on the way! And she is doing a theatre tour to promote her album...she has always done arenas! :-) her last tour was a sell out in atleast 70% of all the arenas! and a total capacity of 94%!! And so were the tours before that! ( ofcourse charmbracelet world tour was a theatre tour considering her low period at that time and since she went on tour just to crawl back on top which i should say was very brave!!).....get your facts right are so much of a shame to many journalists!! ( oh and i know my semi-angry response is gonna make u grin because u anyway make money by aggravating poor fans and make them view this and comment!! thats how most examiners earn their money right? I read that on examiner wikipedia!!! caught you!!)

  • danica 5 years ago

    Several tickets had to be given away for the MSG show. You lambs are pathetic.

  • um? 5 years ago

    sue have you seriously heard any of the songs out on the radio? they all suck!!! the number one song is tik tok by a talentless hack ke$ha....h.a.t.e.u is a beautiful song. i dont care if its getting airplay i dont care if her album is selling i just appreciate the music. sells does not equal talent. mariah has been working for almost 20 years straight. she has amazing work ethic. a single and album not selling isnt going to stop her.

  • Roz 5 years ago

    Sue (probably not her real name) just uses Mariah to sell advertisement. So even SHE believes in Mariah's popularity.

  • 11keylo 5 years ago

    go to hell Sue the BITCH!!!!

  • MM 5 years ago

    She might have bombed, but to hell with tik tok.

  • Elijah 5 years ago

    And you, sue, are such a hot chick, lol. Badly aging, bomb, etc. You seem to revel in watching the greatest selling female artist of all time go through the standard throes of being a star. Just having your picture up makes me laugh. You are an ugly old spinster looking troll. I don't mean that in retaliation against your statements per se, I mean that as an observation in fact. You poor decrepit nasty creature. You perpetuate hate because your life sucks and you will never be anything less than cynical and ugly. Cheers to you, you genetic deviant.

  • LOL 5 years ago

    Sue is a bitch! she twists facts too! First of Her tour has sold out i think on all stops maybe not like one. also HATEU really wasnt a full single. I mean seriously she didnt even release it as a single. Theres no single cover either.

  • Sue- the idol 5 years ago

    Mariah is sagging 40 -years old, Lambs. We get it.

    She has fake melons. We've seen every curve of it for the past 10 years. Now put on some pants and bras and go make real music. Cheese burgers , please! :(

  • Sue- the idol 5 years ago

    I love you Sue,

    Lambs and Mariah need a reality check!

  • Truth is 5 years ago

    Mariah is the definition of mediocre and most over rated!

  • Sheer garbage 5 years ago

    This hoochie mama needs to retire..

  • reality music 5 years ago

    Ke$ha rulez so does Taylor Swift !!!

  • Maroussia 4 years ago

    It will be great to watch Well, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

  • Adrian 4 years ago

    Susan you are a moron. No artists are selling these days so for you to target the Biggest Selling Female Artist In History is ridiculous. The Memoirs album wasn't her best work but it sure as hell was more quality music than I heard from the "top sellers" of 09.