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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon at odds over Nick's white face stunt

Nick Cannon doing a white face.  He's black.
Nick Cannon doing a white face. He's black.

Mariah Carey is reportedly very upset with Nick Cannon, her husband, for his recent stunts to promote his upcoming album which is called “White People Party Music.” His stunts to promote the project include his posting of white face photos and various videos on social media, according to an Inquisitr report on Wednesday.

Many, besides songstress Mariah Carey, have found Nick Cannon’s antics to be very racist rather than funny – which one would think the comedian had expected from his promotional efforts. According to the report, Cannon dressed himself up like a white guy – to be laughed at. Just from the name of the upcoming album – “White People Party Music” – one should expect that there’s going to be some aspect to the recording project involving making-fun of white people.

Additionally, Mariah Carey's audience spans the rces in society. She likely doesn't want to be linked to a husband who is becoming known as quite racist and anti-white by many. Logically, Carey is likely thinking 'of all the things he could be joking about for his comedy career, why this?'

Mariah Carey has said in the past that she hasn’t been very pleased with her husband’s comedy – and this time, it is rumored that she’s “just about had it” with him. His alleged humor involves a character named Connor Smallnuts.

There are others who are saying that this is simply his brand of humor and there’s nothing racist or wrong with it. Regardless - Richard Pryor, he’s not.

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