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Maria Von Trapp dies at age 99: Woman behind 'Sound of Music'

In sad news today, Maria Von Trapp has passed away at the age of 99. On Feb. 22, US Magazine shared the news about how the woman who actually inspired the original "Sound of Music" movie has died after living a long and full life.

She was the only member of the Von Trapp family that was still alive. She did have younger siblings that did not pass away yet, but they were between her father and his new wife and not part of the original family. It is shocking that she actually was able to live this long considering that she has a weak heart and was the reason that her father hired someone to help them out. After this, they escaped to live in the states. This may sound a bit confusing, but her name was Maria and some of the names were changed for the movie to avoid confusion.

Maria Von Trapp died in her home at the age of 99. She actually died in her sleep and was the second oldest daughter of this family. Fans are sad to hear the news of her passing.

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