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Maria Sanchez speaks out about her arrest at San Bernadino Animal Shelter

Maria Sanchez speaks out about her arrest
Maria Sanchez speaks out about her arrest
Maria Sanchez

Maria Sanchez, arrested April 4, is now speaking out about her arrest, her Facebook page reported today.

This Examiner article shows video of what took place at the San Bernardino Animal Shelter on Friday.

Maria informed her many Facebook friends that she is waiting to be discharged from a local hospital. She had a full blown panic attack, and officers and EMT's refused to allow Maria to go into her own purse for her medication.

For a person who suffers from a mental condition, it's very important to know they're medication is close at hand. Maria describes her condition after the encounter with San Bernadino police as felling she's been hit by a truck.

"The fact that the last time they escorted me out was illegal, I fully cooperated with them and they never explained to me that I was breaking any laws."

Since Maria wasn't served official notice stating she would be trespassing if she came onto shelter property within 72 hours of being escorted off earlier in the week, legally she may have the law on her side. But if charges of resisting arrest come into play, Maria could have more problems ahead than just violating municipal code.

Since she's banned from shelter property, she isn't able to collect her camera and video recorder.

Those who support Maria have already set up a petition calling for the immediate firing of Debi Shuker. Plans are also being made, should Maria need financial assistance with bail or attorney fees to fight this latest round with the San Bernadino Animal Shelter.

The photo used for this article show injuries Maria suffered after police handled her. One video has a friend of Maria telling the animal advocate was being thrown up against a wall by San Bernardino police.

Please leave a comment if any new information becomes available. I'll do my best to remain on top of this story.

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