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Maria Sanchez leaves San Bernadino shelter by ambulance following arrest

Animal advocate Maria Sanchez was arrested this afternoon by San Bernadino police officers, Facebook reported April 4.

Maria Sanchez left via ambulance after bing dragged by San Bernardino police

Maria had returned to the San Bernadino Animal Shelter to videotape the animals up for adoption at the shelter when police arrived on scene.

By doing this, police say she broke the law for coming on shelter property within 72 hours, and now has been cited for failure to leave. No official notice had been served to Maria saying she was banned from shelter property.

This video was posted to Maria's Facebook page, where she' s shown being pushed around by San Bernadino officer's as she pleaded with them to give her cell phone to her friend Kelly.

At one point in the video, Marie is shown being pushed up against a wall by officers. She was then handcuffed and half dragged to a waiting police cruiser.

Facebook friends and fellow animal advocates say Maria was injured, and ended up being taken to the hospital via ambulance. The photo confirms this happened, but details haven't all come in at the time of this article.

Examiner only allows one video to be embedded per article. This video, taken by Angela Antolin, is important as well, and presents the arrest from a different angle.

A petition calling for the immediate firing of Debi Shuker of San Bernadino City Shelter can be found by clicking here.

More on this story as news becomes available. If anyone can fill in the blanks, please do so.

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