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Maria Kang: 14 tips to get you on the path to healthier life

Maria hopes these tips will help other women with their weight loss goals.
Maria hopes these tips will help other women with their weight loss goals.
Photo by Neilson Barnard

Maria Kang, also known as ‘Fit Mom’, offers a few tips to get you started the New Year on the right foot. On Jan 6, Maria offered 14 tips to get you started eating and being active all year long. She is a busy mom to three amazing children, a business woman, and she still makes time to eat well and exercise almost every day. She knows that a body that is fueled on junk will not run at full potential.

· Forget the scale, and take ‘selfies’ as your measure as success. Often times, you scale will deceive you into thinking you haven’t lost any weight, but in actuality you have lost inches not weight. This is a good thing, as it means your body fat percentage is lower.

· Practice self love and acceptance. This means, you start right now today start believing you are a beautiful and capable person.

· Be organized-This means in personal and career. Organize your environment so you will feel much less stress, as a whole.

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· Create balance in your whole life not just home life, but business too.

· Track your heart rate in exercise and make a point to be active every day.

· Take control of your metabolism by gaining muscle. Muscle burns more body fat in a 24 hour day, so you can eat much more.

· Sit up with correct posture. This will increase your strength and make you look much taller.

· Eat the most natural form of the food as possible. It also provides your body with necessary vitamins and minerals that your body craves.

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· Start decreasing your calories slowly. For example, if you are used to eating 3,000, immediately reducing to 1200 calories is probably not a great idea. Experts advise reducing 300 calories a week until you find a calorie goal that helps you lose weight easily.

· Focus on the project you are working on 100%. Don’t feel like you have to answer every text, instant message or social media tag. You will get more done, and you will be more productive if you stay focus on your task, even if it is cooking, cleaning or laundry.

· Prepare your meals in advance so you don't have an excuse not to eat healthy. Once or twice a week, prepare your meals and freeze in advance making cooking after work a snap.

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· Prepare a schedule for your work, children school and activities. The whole family will thrive on the consistency.

· No one is perfect. When losing weight, many women say they want to look perfect. Forget that notion. No one is perfect. Strive to see progress consistently. Don’t aim for perfection. Perfection is not a real ideal.

It is important to note, before embarking on a weight loss or fitness program, you should speak to your personal doctor.

These tips can help simplify the weight loss journey. Often weight loss programs are over complicated. Have you tried any of these tips?

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