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Maria Dancing Heart offering noontime workshop,Village Grill, Claremont, 6/26/14

Death is not what our culture has told us it is. And there is absolutely no need to fear it. (Perhaps we've been sold a bill of goods?!?) Instead, we can find ways to befriend it and honor it in our lives. After all, it's been perched on our shoulders ever since we were born! When we die, we are Going Home, back to where we came from, for new and glorious adventures. Like I remember hearing that one woman, just before dying, sat up and said, "I see hundreds of angels!" Why would we need to be afraid of an experience like that?!? Perhaps part of the issue is that we shove death under the rug and usually want to act like it's not there. If we took the time to sit with it and be friends with it, it would not have such power over us. It would be able to be part of the natural cycle of life - which it is!

Perhaps you know of someone who recently died, or is getting ready to die. Perhaps you have a pet who's getting older, or getting ready to make their transition to the Rainbow Bridge? We all need to become better prepared for death, as it will come to us - and to our loved ones - at one time or another.

Everyone in the L.A. area is invited to a Mid-day Workshop over lunch, at the Village Grill of Claremont. It's called

“Making Friends with the Last Adventure of Life,"

and will be facilitated by author Rev. Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund, author of several loving books on the topic of transitions and holistic care. At this informal workshop, we will explore the secrets of hospice & death that can help us better maneuver grief, transitions, and all kinds of change that many are moving through these days. We will look at ways that death can teach us about life.

Question to ponder: How can we remain open to learn and grow from the transitions that come into our lives? Simple techniques for relaxation and healing will be taught – techniques that can help people move through change that also assist with healthy self-care.

Place: VILLAGE GRILL, 148 Yale Ave., Claremont, CA 91711
Time: Thursday, June 26, 11 AM – 2 PM
Cost: $22 – Maria's 2nd book included, plus purchase of lunch
Registration – call: 928-284-4192

NOTE: Brand New 4th edition of Maria's book, The Last Adventure of Life – with a lovely Red Rock/Sedona cover – Now Available!

Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund is an international author whose books have such compelling titles as The Last Adventure of Life and The Most Important Day of Your Life: Are You Ready? Maria incorporates her passion for the body-mind-spirit approach to healing and end-of-life care in her work. Her loving approach has won her the respect and admiration across the hospice world; her books honor many faith traditions & integrative therapies.

For more, visit here.

To our Wealth, Health, and Conscious Awakening! Dancing Heart~~~~

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