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Margot Kidder on her newest role and life in the business

Margot Kidder has been in the business since 1968, some forty six years, doing everything from Television dramas such as “Wojack” to her breakout role as Lois Lane in the Christopher Reeves Superman movie series.

Margot Kidder through the years
Margot Kidder through the years
Margot Kidder today

Examiner sat down to talk to her about her latest role in “Matt’s Chance” also starring Edward Furlong, Lee Majors and Gary Busey and her time in the entertainment business.

AL: You have had quite a career, yet throughout all the challenges you have managed to stay in the game. What do you attribute that to?

MK: I love acting. That has to be the reason. That’s why I do what I do.

AL: How was it to work with such a young director and writer? Did he come to you or the other veterans (such as Lee Majors or Gary Busey) at times for advice?

MK: Nicholas was wonderful. Really. I meet a lot of young directors in this business, and Nicholas is one of the few I’ve seen with star written on him. He’s very smart, very creative, and very collaborative. He really understands and appreciates collaboration. We worked with me closely on my dialogue with Edward’s character, and he was very receptive to input I had, but also discerning enough to know what he wanted and when my ideas weren’t right for the film. Knowing him, it’s fun to watch the film and see the depth. A film like this could easily be surface, but Nick has a lot to say. Definitely see Matt’s Chance twice if you can.

AL: You have three other films coming up, “Real Gangsters”, “Pride of Lions” and “The Big Fat Stone”. This is really great to see, because as you know sometimes as actresses age the amount of opportunities for good roles diminishes. Have you found it harder to find roles and films which intrigued you?

MK: It’s harder while you’re holding on to trying for roles that are just barely in your age range. Once you accept that you’re getting older, you begin to see offers and parts differently.

AL: The other day, in an interview on Huffington Post, Rose McGowan said that a while back an former agent of hers’ told her " not to speak in meetings because I was too intelligent and it was stressing to the men," She then added that the agent to said this to her was a woman. Have you ever had anyone treat you that way and what was your response?

MK: It happens to all of us. The smartest ones know when to nod and smile until we get our paychecks. Then we can open our mouths some more. But this isn’t only a problem for women. It’s the industry. If you speak out of turn, or threaten someone above you, you might be out of a job.

AL: When talking about smart, intelligent women, one cannot help but think of the character Lois Lane. It has been thirty-six years since you did the first movie, yet she still is the embodiment of that image. How do you feel when you look back on her? (And I must add that in seeing the screen tests for that part, it was clear that no one could or has done that role as well as you).

MK: I’m so grateful to have had her for a while. She’s a big part of what I will leave behind.

AL: If you could say one thing to young aspiring actresses or even just women, what would it be?

MK: If you want to last, don’t just focus on beauty. Be great. Truly great.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with us! You can follow Margot Kidder on Twitter, Facebook

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