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Margot and The Nuclear So and So's bring their sound to The Masquerade

Margo and The Nuclear So and So's perform at The Masquerade in Atlanta tonight!
Megan Connelly

Hailing from Chicago and Indianapolis, Margot and The Nuclear So and So's are bringing their music to room Purgatory in Atlanta at The Masquerade. The extensive tour will conclude June 27. Their newest and fifth release, Sling Shot to Heaven, was released on April 22 and contains thirteen original singles. To make this release even more unique, a 16 mm film that features raw footage and performances of album tracks titled Tell Me More About Evil accompanied the album.

We had the opportunity to chat with the band about the production of their newest album, new influences in their music, their current tour, the beginning stages of their next album, and more. To purchase tickets for their show at The Masquerade tonight, click HERE.

Q: What was the production like for Sling Shot to Heaven; any differences and/or similarities to previous recordings?

A: Every album we record is different from the previous. I recorded this album on 2" tape. We approached many of the songs using guitar lines as the percussion bed. We also fell in love with a Mellotron pretty early on in the session.

Q: Did you guys incorporate anything new in this recording that wasn't used before; i.e., instrumentation, vocals, etc.?

A: We tracked a lot of acoustic guitars. Richard, Ronnie, & Kenny would lock in together with guitars and pulse through the songs. Heidi helped a lot with the vocal sounds at Richard's request. She has a way of singing that mimics a chorus of operatic bumble bees. And it seems like we ran almost every instrument in the studio through an Echoplex at one point or another.

Q: How's the tour going so far? Any particular place you guys have enjoyed the most?

A: Tour is moving along. We always enjoy playing The Bowery Ballroom in New York. We stopped in Atlantic City for our first time on a day off. Ronnie hit it big in blackjack and bought us all a tower of oysters. I lost 5 bucks on the Kitty Glitter slots and called it a night.

Q: What's next for Margot & The Nuclear So and So's?

A: Richard has basically finished writing the songs for the next album. So, We'll head right back into the studio after we wrap up this tour. I'm sure we'll continue to play a few more shows between recording sessions as well.

Q: Any of you have a guilty musical or entertainment pleasure?

A: Ha. Richard just shouted out that he doesn't believe in guilty pleasures. He makes a valid argument. Why feel guilty for enjoying something you dig?

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