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Margaret Cho hires New York artist to paint portrait using her own blood

For Vincent Castiglia, a New York Artist, creating beautiful works of art is more than just a hobby, it is literally his lifeblood. Castiglia created an interesting technique in which he utilizes his own blood to create intricate and mysterious works of art.

Comedian Margaret Cho donates 18ml of blood to be used for a portrait by New York artist Vincent Castiglia.
Vincent Castiglia

On March 23, 2014, Brian Gillie of had the opportunity to speak with Castiglia to discuss his latest endeavor, a portrait of comedian Margaret Cho--- painted entirely in her own blood.

“Margaret had interviewed me for a hardcover art anthology called, ‘TOME 2’, then again for her talk show, Monsters of Talk,” said Castiglia.

The two had never met before the interview, but Castiglia said that Cho was familiar with his work, and had been for a couple of years. Interestingly, by the end of the interview, Cho and Castiglia collaborated on the idea that Castiglia could paint a portrait of her, using her blood instead of his own. Something that is unfamiliar to Castiglia, who up to this point has only used his own blood for his “figurative surrealism” style of artwork.

“Initially we had talked about doing it in her menstrual blood--- she asked if it was possible and I let her know that I could incorporate menstrual blood into the painting but there would be no way that there would be enough of it to paint a full-scale painting,” explained Castiglia. “I told her that if she wanted it entirely in her blood, then it would have to be collected intravenously.”

Cho showed up last week at Castiglia’s 1200-square foot studio which he uses to showcase a portion of his artwork. Enlisting the help of a phlebotomist, she donated her first 18ml of blood while sitting in the artist’s gallery, adorned with his blood painted works of art.

As far as the size of the portrait, Castiglia says it has not been determined as of yet, but from the sound of things, he feels fairly confident that the painting will not be small in size.

“It’s such an honor to be working with Margaret and painting her portrait,” said Castiglia. “She’s definitely a person I admire and I look forward to working on this.”

Cho is currently very busy these days, acting on Drop Dead Diva, which airs its final season tonight on Lifetime Channel. Cho is reportedly planning on using the portrait for her upcoming CD and tour posters. was unable to reach Cho for comment.

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