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Margaret Bishop shines both on and off film sets (Photos)

On June 23, 2014, actress and model Margaret Bishop shared what it was like during her three day shoot over the long June 20-22 weekend. Bishop resides in Cape Coral, and the shoot took place in Naples, Marco Island and Sanibel Island.

On location on Sanibel Island with Charlie, Margaret, Richard, Ernesto, Rebecca and Eddie
On location on Sanibel Island with Charlie, Margaret, Richard, Ernesto, Rebecca and Eddie
Margaret Bishop (in green) on Sanibel Island film location, Photo: Courtesy, used with permission
Margaret Bishop on film location
Margaret Bishop interviewing Richard Watts, Photo: Courtesty, used with permission

In addition to having an acting role as a scripted interviewer in the incentive video that was shot, Bishop also filled the shoes of production coordinator. Being both cast and crew took some determination and talent, but Bishop pulled both off quite well!

Wearing more than one hat was not uncommon on set for shooting the video. The video's purpose is for the upcoming feature film "The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon," in which it will be a part of a fund raising campaign on Indiegogo. Soon after, a concept trailer will be created as well.

"The 4th Letter" is written and produced by Richard Watts. The director of photography is Ernesto Lasso de la Vega, production design is Rebecca Hollifield and media director is Erik Krefeld, among others.

Margaret, at what locations did you shoot?

"All day Friday we shot in Naples, and then all day on Saturday on Marco Island at a couple of undisclosed locations. On Sunday, however, we did an evening shot. It was at Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel. All locations and scenes were successful. Thanks to all you helped make it possible!"

Was there anyone in particular, besides the producer, who decided on the talent?

"Yes, there was. She is Geri Muck. She owns and operates Protocol Models on the Gulf. Don't know what we would have done without her!"

According to Margaret there were many volunteers. Those not already mentioned include makeup/hair/wardrobe - Jasmine Harvey, sound - Eddie, Charlie, all the locations that opened their doors to them, and numerous others. One can follow the film's website now and in the future to learn more about the film, both behind-the-scenes, as well as in front of them!

What past gigs have you been a part of Margaret?

"I had the role of Emma Hurring in the film "Casting" (2014), was Peggy Olsen in 'Madd Men' with the Mystery Theatre Troupe, was the lead as a business woman for a VendScreen Product promo and was featured as a mother in a Sunshine Ace commercial."

Is there anything you'd like to share pertaining to this most recent 'The 4th Letter' shoot?

"Yes, I'd like to say that I am truly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work alongside Richard E. Watts as both an actress ('interviewer') and production coordinator on this project. Both the film itself, but especially his mentoring, afforded me the experiences I can take with me in this industry and build myself as an asset to others I may work with in the future... and that is invaluable."

Margaret Bishop is also a member of the United Film & Television Artists (UFTA). Al Quinn is its president. Some of the other film's cast and crew are UFTA members as well.

Thank you Margaret for sharing. understands, too, that the entire cast is amazing. Three of them include Miles Christian-Hart as Mr. Ponce, Austin Graham (a real life descendant of Ponce de Leon) as Franziemil and the youngest actress Arielle Watts, 10, as Orchid. Fans look forward to learning more about the rest of the cast, crew, upcoming video, trailer, Indiegogo, and the feature film "The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon!"

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