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Maren Parusel @ Jose's Underground July 3rd 2010!

Maren ParuselLocal bands are really amazing, you get a glimpse of what the members are listening to and who is really influencing them. You are able to witness the bare bones, the beginning of what may be a big thing. Jose's Underground seems to be featuring a local artist from somewhere in the US almost every night. Weather it be from Snohomesh, WA or Tennessee, local music is different from your every day radio play, and it is very exciting. 

Saturday, July 3rd, Maren Parusel took the stage hailing from San Diego, CA. From the moment that I walked into the place I could tell that something was different. This band was a well oiled machine that was ready for the big time. Sipping my beer and listening to the band I couldn't help but think of bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Feist, and Broken Social Scene. The band takes its moniker from the lead singer, Maren Parusel, who hails from Germany. Sitting down for a quick interview I could tell that this girl was ready for the big time. 

They are on a tour right now which is ending on the 13th, and after that they will be heading into the studio to record a full length album. The album will be produced by Mark Maigaard from a little band called, Louis XIV. If you don't know them, do us all a favor and go out and listen to them, you will be doing yourself a service.

Not only does the band work really well together, but they are great people to talk with. They love meeting with fans after their shows and answering any questions that anyone may have. So if you are ever in the San Diego area look up Maren Parusel and see where they are playing and go! I am fully sure that you will have nothing short of a good time.

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  • Rags Hemlock 5 years ago

    Maren Parusel's voice is like butter! Makes me wish I had some bread... :(

  • Bramble 5 years ago

    Beautiful music! My tail got all fluffy!

  • Brandon Siddall 5 years ago

    Correction: Brian Karsig produced Maren Parusel's demo. Mark M. will not produce the upcoming album, they are still deciding on a producer.

    Thank you Joe

    My bad

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