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Mardi Gras forecast is heavy showers of beads at Universal Studios Florida

There are literally showers of beads at Universal Studios Florida.
There are literally showers of beads at Universal Studios Florida.
Barb Nefer

The forecast for the Mardi Gras celebration at Universal Studios Florida is heavy showers of beads every night of the event. Each of the parade floats is packed with volunteers who toss handfuls of the colorful baubles to the crowd. If you have an annual pass and would like to be one of those throwers, check the AP part of the website to find out how to sign up.

Click the slideshow accompanying this article to see how the beads are tossed from each float. You'll also get an up close look at a couple of the floats that shows they have custom-colored beads.

You actually don't have to try too hard to get a neckful of beads. As you can see in the slideshow, I had a huge haul. Bear in mind, I wasn't trying to catch them. I was busy taking photos of the floats, so that's just incidental beads that fell on and around me. Imagine how big your haul would be if you were really trying!

If you have young kids, there's a Little Jesters area set aside especially for them. You can see it in the slideshow. That way, they're front and center to maximize their bead catching chances.

There's a lot more to this celebration, which takes place on select weekend nights, than just the parade. For an overview of the French Quarter area, go here. To see some of the characters who hang out around the park for the event, go here, and jump to this article for a slideshow of the tasty food.

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