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Marcus Smart had every right to shove Texas Tech fan

Marcus Shoves Texas Tech fan
Marcus Shoves Texas Tech fan

After a largely uneventful day of Saturday hoops, the college basketball world was lit on fire with one simple push by Marcus Smart. writer Gary Parrish wrote a column about Marcus Smart being wrong for shoving Texas Tech “super fan“, Jeff Orr. Sorry, but Gary Parrish is completely wrong.

If you think Marcus Smart should not have approached this fan, you better have solid reasons why he shouldn’t. Marcus Smart was getting up from making a play on the ball, and he didn’t just go push a fan. Something vile was said as he was getting up and he turned to confront the fan. The whole Texas Tech fan base was jubilant. He didn’t confront the whole fan base. He confronted Jeff Orr.

Everybody likes to say it’s just a game, and you can’t compare it to real life. Well, with six seconds left in the game, it looks like “real life’ happened just beyond the baseline. So, if any racist rant was thrown at Marcus Smart, he should’ve done more than shove Jeff Orr.

There is only one reason why Marcus Smart should not have reacted in that manner. Oklahoma State was only down two points at the time, and they still had a chance to win. Other than that, Smart could’ve choked out the fan MMA style and it would be okay.

As long as we act like the fan can say and do anything they want, then the players have a right to do anything back

When Richard Sherman says “hell of a game” and gets pushed in the face, half the country will act like he deserves it. Yet, we’ll act like some out of shape fat dude can say anything he wants because he’s a paying customer.

If reports are true of what was said to Marcus Smart, we should commend him for standing up.


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