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Marco Rubio's path of least resistence

his mouth moves-but nothing is said
his mouth moves-but nothing is said
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

I heard an interview with Florida Senator Marco Rubio last week. This empty suit made some news because he called Hillary Clinton a 20th century politician (or words to that effect). If this clueless dunce could only realize what a perfect hypocrite he is. Since becoming Senator in 2010, this lame excuse as a "government servant" is personified by his non-action: he's a political coward, doesn't stand for anything, is afraid of his own shadow (& his party) and he's a liar. His path of least resistance exists because he refuses to take a real stand on anything and will not rock the boat in fear he might upset the extreme right which rules the Republican Party.

Rubio is a senator because he spent time in the Florida statehouse and he is of Cuban extraction. He almost became a politician of distinction despite what his right-wing cohorts thought, but backed down because of what his right-wing cohorts think. He had an immigration bill which would have ultimately allowed illegal aliens to become citizens. That pathway is secondary, but almost all legitimate attempts at allowing illegals to become citizens have this "pathway" because the alternative (deportation) is not feasible. The Republicans can and will continue to ignore logistics because the hallmark of their narrow-minded absurd view of reality dictates this. They're against amnesty, and anything short of deportation is amnesty in their very myopic worldview. Let's face it, with 12 million or so illegals in America, we need to confront a tough reality: they are here because we lacked the initiative to secure our border. What poverty stricken mass of people wouldn't want to improve their lives by moving to the richest country on earth? Yes-they did it illegally and shouldn't just be given a diploma of citizenship, but some pathway to that is our only real choice: deportation is a non-starter. By refusing to admit this, the right-wing Republicans will only aggravate the ever-growing Hispanic population (electorate) and ultimately shrink their voter base. It won't happen overnight-but it will happen.

Rubio's problem is that he shrank from standing up for a plan that-had he been a Democrat, would have been received as a valid option. Had he been a man of conviction and stood his ground-then maybe one day, that small amount of courage (the bar on just about everything these days is so low) would have been recognized and appreciated by voters-not just his fellow Republicans who have to pass a rigid litmus test in order to be considered for higher office. Rubio left his plan in the dust, and the only Republican I can think of who stood up for such a path is Jeb Bush, and I'm no fan of that family. Maybe Rand Paul might see the light, but we'll see about that. Rubio is a liar for-if nothing else, in his tepid autobiography, he said his parents escaped Castro's tyranny to come to the freedom that America has to offer. That line has so much to offer in a book, but unfortunately for this naive dope, he failed to realize that in today's very rough political world, there are "fact checkers". They easily discovered Rubio's parents left Cuba BEFORE Castro came to power. What creep would lie about such a thing when he obviously knew better. Besides, if this twit would lie about that-what won't he lie about?

John F. Kennedy could have written an autobiography after he got to the White House and it would have been an interesting book (especially if he told the whole truth-but then he might have been impeached). Instead he wrote "Profiles in Courage". This was a great book that still reverberates through history with a lesson that is obviously lost on today's politicians. The book was about several US senators who defied public opinion and their own party to do what they thought was the "right thing". In other words, they didn't care about polls or being reelected-they went with what they thought was the best road to take for our country. This simple but hard core belief is lost-maybe for good. Our country's political system is a farce, and Marco Rubio (among others) serves as a perfect template as to why such political cowardice is the rule in today's American political world.

So for this do-nothing senator to call Hillary Clinton a politician of the 20th century is laughable. Let's face it, to be honest, almost to a head, the politicians of the last century got more accomplished that this crowd. So far, in this century, we've been attacked (even as we knew one was coming prior to 9/11) by terrorists in a very low tech, but effective operation; our economy suffered it's biggest hit since the Great Depression, and our debt is almost so high as to seem like a made up number (trillions??). We've failed to address even the most typical rights of congress anymore without a cliffhanger of a fight which does our economic stability no good, and brings our ability to get anything of consequence done to an almost stand-still. It's a pathetic plight and I'm not saying Democrats have no part in this-but let's face it-the extreme right wants to get nothing done since it would put President Obama in a good light. Damaging America's standing and potential for progress is okay as long as they don't work with the opposition. America is at a low point and poll numbers reflect that for all levels of government. I pick out Marco Rubio as an example because he had the gall to point fingers when he doesn't even have the conviction to stand up for a plan of his own doing: a true profile in cowardice.