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Marco Rubio refuses to say if he ever smoked pot

Marco Rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida was asked if he ever smoked marijuana in an interview, according to a Politico report on Monday. The Republican senator refused to answer the question. He gave reasons for his silence on the pot question - which is often asked of politicians.

Rubio, who is considered a potential presidential candidate in 2016, said in the interview with ABC and Yahoo! News’ Politics Confidential that there is a problem with the marijuana question in American politics. He says that if one says he did smoke pot, suddenly there are all those people saying that it’s not a big deal because of all the successful people who have smoked marijuana. Then he added that if a person says that he didn’t smoke pot, people simply won’t believe him.

Rubio asserts that he doesn’t want his kids to smoke marijuana. Additionally, he doesn’t want other people’s kids to smoke marijuana. Furthermore, he said that he does not believe that there is any responsible way for a personal to recreationally use marijuana. Marijuana is a “mind-altering substance” that “is not good for the country,” according to the senator.

At the end of the interview, Rubio was pressured into answering the pot question again. His response was still non-committal. He would only say that he understands it’s a question that people need to ask in these times, but the bottom line – he said - is that he doesn’t think people should smoke marijuana.

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